Episode 88: How to Best Communicate with Your Teams in Uncertain Times

It’s almost impossible to prepare yourself or your organization for what we have encountered over the past few months. And as a leader of any kind, you’ve had to navigate some choppy, uncertain waters.


What do you tell your teams is the path forward?

How do you encourage them when you don’t even know what tomorrow will look like?


While communicating to your teams is more difficult than ever, it’s also more important than ever. Do not neglect the opportunity to guide, manage and encourage your team as you navigate uncertainty.


Harvard Business Review conducted some assessments with employees of for-profit, nonprofit and government entities designed to measure employee satisfaction with the organization’s overall engagement with them during the Covid-19 pandemic. After assessing over 800 responses, there were five key takeaways for leaders to consider when interacting with their staff during this tough time.


  1. Communicate frequently.
  2. Provide safe opportunities for feedback
  3. Help your employees work from home efficiently
  4. Address job security concerns
  5. Provide a plan for the future

It is possible to provide clarity amidst uncertainty. Determine your path forward based on everything you know and cast hopeful vision around those next steps. This will give your staff something to hold onto and restore hope in the organization’s potential.


While no one is getting this perfect, try to take one step forward today in bettering your communication with your teams. They need your words more than ever.

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