Episode 92: 5 Types of Leaders (And How Each is Impacted By the Pandemic)

Leadership is hard. Navigating a pandemic is hard. In this episode, we're discussing 5 types of leaders we’re seeing amidst this pandemic. And while these leadership styles persist even through times that are not ridden with crisis, they become even more evident, visible and impactful (either negatively or positively) amidst times like this.

So, let’s walk through these types of leaders and identify where you may fall amongst them (and yes, you will likely showcase elements of a couple of them, but focus on where you tend to lean the majority of the time), and then we will walk through some ways to improve.

1. Deniers: the leader who pretends nothing has changed
2. Reverters: the leader who knows something has changed and tries relentlessly to just change everything back to how it used to be
3. Resigners: the leader who acknowledges the challenge but has no energy to do anything about it
4. Adapters: the leader who understands there is large-scale change at hand, and follows the crowd on how to respond.
5. Innovators: the leader who forges new pathways to thrive, not just survive through crisis

The pinnacle of leadership success is to reach the "innovator" status. To hear the 3 tips to making your way toward innovation, listen in to the podcast (around the 17:20 mark).

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