Episode 95: 10 Things Every Church Website Should Have

Your church website shouldn’t just be something you throw online. It serves a purpose, and there are strategic pieces of information that you need to include to make sure your website reaches your audience and serves your mission. Don't miss this discussion about the top 10 things to make sure your church website doesn’t go without. We're reviewing: 

1. Service times and locations on the homepage

2. I’m New section

3. Videos or pictures of services and attendees throughout the site

4. Easy-to-find sermon archive

5. Live streaming

6. Online giving page

7. Next steps

8. Core ministries

9. Events feed or calendar

10. Announcement bar


So, how does your website stack up? We encourage you to do a quick check to see if you have these 10 things…and if not, now might be the time to consider a new website. Now more than ever, your website is a ministry tool as much as it’s a marketing tool, and you can’t afford to wait for the next pandemic or world event to get set up for your mission.


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